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  • EDU-203 Confined Space Entry Rescue

EDU-203 Confined Space Entry Rescue

Instructs in all areas covered by the Guardian Confined Space Awareness program and Confined Space Entry/Non-Entry Rescue program. Also gives information on tactical priorities of confined space rescue, respiratory protective system options and requirements, and additional case histories of previous entry rescues.

Training Course Confined Space


Duration: 24 hours/ 3 days

Cost: $1,136/per person (group rates available)

Max # of students: May vary upon location


This course is conducted with classroom, hands-on and practical exercises.

It provides all the information needed to comply with the minimum training requirements of an Attendant, Authorized Entrant, Entry Supervisor, and Rescuer.

The curriculum includes:

  • Improvised harnesses
  • Techniques for moving victims both vertically and horizontally
  • Improvised high point anchors, retrieval lines, optional mechanical advantage systems
  • Ventilation procedures
  • Communications options
  • Additional atmospheric monitoring strategies
  • Use of entry permits
  • Respiratory protection options
  • Procedures for entry as well as rescue operations.


Successful completion of EDU-210 Confined Space Entry Rescue comes with the following certifications of accreditation.

    Course Objectives:

    Upon completion, the students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the following topics:

    • Training on manufactured high point anchors and rescue systems used for rescue
    • Atmospheric monitoring of the confined space to determine if any dangerous atmospheric hazards are present (i.e., O2 levels, LEL levels, H2S levels, and CO levels at minimum)
    • Procedures for ventilating a confined space based on volume of space and output of ventilation pump
    • Procedures for non-entry rescue of rescue subjects from confined spaces. This includes use of tripods, davit arms, rescue winches, rescue SRLs, etc. to perform safe and successful rescues without the need for the rescue team to enter the confined space
    • Techniques of moving victims both vertically and horizontally within and from a confined space
    • Knowledge of improvised high anchor points, retrieval lines and mechanical advantage systems used for rescue
    • Use of entry permits, respiratory protection options and entry/rescue operation and procedures

    Participants will receive:

    • Course completion wall certificate, wallet card, and hard hat sticker
    • Extensive Confined Space Entry Rescue knowledge and understanding
    • Individual student materials
    • Direct support from the Guardian training team and Guardian Fall customer service




    EDU-203 Confined Space Entry Rescue

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