Nitrile Qwik Fit Cylinder Plugs

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Fast working and secure pipe plug system

The Qwik-Fit Cylinder Plug is an inflatable plug with a rugged polyester cover which may be inflated to a high internal pressure to hold against as much as ten pounds of pressure in the pipe. Cylinder Plugs inflated according to directions will hold against a pipe pressure equal to about 60% of the pressure in the bag. Use a gauge and monitor this pressure.

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  • Fast inflation for quick-acting plugging
  • Polyester cover for superior durability
  • Ideal for emergency flow stoppage or temporary repair work
  • A perfect compliment to the tool kit for plumbers or utility workers



    This product is often used in the following industries

    • Construction
    • Mining
    • Transportation
    • Telecoms
    • General Industry
    • Renewables

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