B7-Comfort Tower Climbing Harness

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The B7-Comfort Tower Climbing Harness. Towering Comfort. Total Mobility.

For Tower Climbers and workers at height for extended periods, the B7-Comfort Tower Climbing Harness is the ideal body wear solution. With the unique integrated hip O-Ring design, a robust 3” sub-pelvic strap and a replaceable aluminum-based adjustable seat sling, the B7-Comfort Tower was designed for superior mobility, climbability and comfort when climbing and positioning at height all day. The B7-Comfort Tower Climbing Harness also incorporates all of the standard features found on the critically-acclaimed B7-Comfort including – but not limited to - patent-pending DiaLock Torso Adjusters, patent-pending adjustable shoulder and waist pads, patent-pending integrated trauma strap leg pads, Twiceme Technology’s® Helping the Helper® Technology, all aluminum hardware and premium comfort materials. With countless innovations built around comfort and mobility, the B7-Comfort Tower Climbing Harness is the perfect choice for Tower Climbers. Time to raise your expectations.

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  • Innovative 360-degree hip mobility via Three-Six-O Chassis. This O-Ring hip design integrates the torso and legs, while allowing them to move freely of each other for a truly unique and superior climbability.
  • Easily removeable/replaceable aluminum-based, padded seat sling with 6" of adjustability
  • Robust 3” sub-pelvic strap for increased support and comfort when in positioning
  • Custom aircraft-grade aluminum hardware for weight reduction
  • Integrated tool attachment anchor points
  • Double-locking DiaLock Torso Adjusters offer an easy, quick and precise adjustment method
  • Integrated Twiceme Safety Technology's® Helping the Helper® tech allows for quick and easy access of critical safety information during emergencies as well as product inspection logging and asset management
  • Integrated trauma suspension relief straps in leg pads
  • Auto-resetting and adjustable lanyard keepers
  • Wear-indicating webbing has a red inner core to aide inspection


This product meets the following regional compliance standards

  • OSHA 1910.140

  • OSHA 1926.502

  • ANSI Z359.11

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