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  • Height safety expert Guardian launches all-new B7-Comfort Harness in the United States
Height safety expert Guardian launches all-new  B7-Comfort Harness  in the United States

Height safety expert Guardian launches all-new B7-Comfort Harness in the United States


Apr 28 2023

HOUSTON, TX, USA, April 28, 2023 — Global height safety leader Guardian is excited to announce the highly anticipated launch of its B7-Comfort Harness in the United States. Featuring innovative and industry-leading technology, the B7-Comfort Harness offers the wearer unparalleled adjustability for a truly custom fit.  

In development for over a year utilizing end-user insight and feedback at every design stage, Guardian has put adjustability, mobility, and ergonomics at the forefront to create its most  comfortable harness yet.

Guardian Senior Product Manager, Sean Wirth, said of the B7-Comfort Harness: “We’re thrilled to be launching such a world-class product. The development of this harness was driven by the user, so to finally be able to get it into their hands – or, more precisely, on their body - is so exciting. There are many innovative features on this harness, including a unique chassis design that lends to unrivaled mobility and patent-pending adjustment methods for quick, easy and precise adjustment. We truly believe this harness will revolutionize the way people think about comfort and functionality when working at height . The days of burdensome, uncomfortable fall protection are over, and we’re ushering in a new wave of products people will want to wear, not only for comfort and looks, but to even help them perform their job better."

Pictured: Sean Wirth, Senior Product Manager with the new B7-Comfort Harness at 2023 World of Concrete. 

Key features of the B7-Comfort Harness include:  

Adjustable Waist Padding – This patent pending adjustable padding offers exceptional comfort and a custom fit. The industry-exclusive feature is available on both the shoulder and waist pads. This innovation allows users to truly tailor their harness for a proper and more comfortable fit. The adjustability on the waist pad also accommodates the Adjustable Tool Bag Attachment System which supports and secures tool bags between 4"-10" in width. 

DiaLock Torso Adjusters – Patent pending DiaLock Torso Adjusters allow for easy, quick, and precise adjustment of your harness. Simply turn the easy-to-adjust knob to tighten and press the twin locking buttons to loosen. DiaLock Torso Adjusters also feature a secure, dual-locking mechanism, ensuring your webbing won't creep or loosen throughout the day. 

Three-Six-O Harness Chassis – The Three-Six-O Harness Chassis enables improved flexibility and all-day comfort. This unique harness design allows the torso and sub-pelvic region to move independently, providing unrivalled 360-degree movement and bind-free mobility at the hips. 

Advanced Padding Material and Design – Meticulously chosen and crafted shoulder, waist, and leg padding offers military-grade rip-stop nylon with UV and chemical-resistant rubber for the ultimate in protection and long-term durability. Interior surfaces are soft yet breathable to keep workers cool on the hottest days. 

twICEme® Safety Technology – A technology based on Near Field Communication (NFC) that allows users to voluntarily upload health and safety information to their equipment via the twICEme app. The app allows users to manage and access safety information, check product details, and send location coordinates.  

EZ D-Ring – The EZ D-ring provides an easy and ergonomic solution for dorsal D-ring connections. The unique design keeps your dorsal D-ring upright and easily accessible for tie-off and was expertly designed at an angle to reduce interference with the user's head. The EZ D-ring is integrated with a patent pending Personal Self-Retracting Lifeline (SRL-P) adapter that keeps SRLs high, tight, and secure. All D-Rings on the B7-Comfort were custom designed using anodized aircraft-grade aluminum to reduce weight while maintaining exceptional strength and durability.

Senior Vice President of Sales and Services, Americas, Jeff Wilder adds: “The release of the B7-Comfort Harness really embodies all that we do at Guardian. With extensive customer feedback and the collaborative work from our engineering and design teams, together, we have created an extremely comfortable harness with unmatched mobility and adjustability.” 

The launch of the B7-Comfort Harness adds to the bevy of innovative products from Guardian launching in 2023 including products recently launched such as the CR5 Personal SRL and A5 Concrete Expansion Anchor – all part of the company’s ongoing mission to simplify height safety.  To learn more, check out our awesome new B7-Comfort video, please visit https://guardianfall.com/discover-b7-comfort-harness

To place an order or request a demonstration, please reach out to your local Guardian representative at https://guardianfall.com/support/find-your-local-rep.


For more information contact:

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