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  • Guardian Hosts ASSP Z359.13 Subcommittee
Guardian Hosts ASSP Z359.13 Subcommittee

    Guardian Hosts ASSP Z359.13 Subcommittee


    Mar 25 2024

    Earlier this month, Guardian proudly hosted the ASSP Z359.13 subcommittee comprised of industry leading height safety experts at our Global Headquarters and Height Safety Center in Houston, Texas. The purpose of the meeting was to conduct Research and Development testing and during the 2-day event, the subcommittee successfully developed new custom testing parameters to simulate real life applications intended for Energy Absorbing Lanyards.

    Guardian’s ISO 17025 laboratory’s unique structure design and testing capabilities, along with our expert height safety testing team were instrumental and successful in ensuring that the test protocols successfully achieved
    reproducible and repeatable tests. The results from the event led to new proposed draft language that will increase safety factors, simplify standard classes, expand the scope of performance requirements for Energy Absorbing
    Lanyards, and provide the manufacturing community with better standards to service the end user.

    Andre Pelland, Director of Quality Assurance & Compliance, said, “Our laboratory, launched here in 2022, was designed to not only meet the numerous global safety standards, but to exceed them. This makes it an ideal test facility to support industry working groups and committees in advancing and refining these vitally important standards. We welcome all visitors to our Height Safety Center who wish to experience Guardian products being
    designed, assembled, tested, trained on, and showcased.”

    Thank you to all the sub-committee members for traveling to our facility and supporting the efforts in forwarding important advancements in height safety testing and real world safety results.

    For more information on Guardian’s 360-degree Height Safety solutions reach out to your local Guardian
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