Custom Guardrail Systems

Guardian’s design and layout services work in tandem with our standard guardrail products. Ask us about customized, permanently attached rail systems, custom colors, and custom materials.

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Design Services

We define exactly where your guardrail systems are to be installed on your roof and provide documentation confirming the layout is correct.

Custom Products and Projects

Guardian systems customize attachments for the specific, unique elements of your structure; 
we can also fabricate guardrails out of a range of materials including aluminum and stainless steel.

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To find out how Guardian can best meet your needs, contact our Customer Support team today.

Custom Guardrail Systems FAQs

Yes, we can provide complete submittal packages with PE Stamps in all 50 states.

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To us, simple means one sole focus, one trusted partner, and complete protection from every angle. We call this 360-degree height safety.

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We're here to make safe simple – so our partners can focus on what's important to them.

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As the world’s largest independent height safety brand, we have the scale to make things happen. But we think size is nothing without agility. Our structure enables us to adapt to changing demands and move fast when speed is needed.

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