Custom Fall Arrest Anchors

Depending on your particular structure, buildings or project, your fall protection solution may require custom fall arrest anchors. Consult with our expert team of engineers and project managers to find out how flexible these products can be. All designs are reviewed by a third-party professional engineer (PE) licensed in the state of the project.

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CB Anchors

The Custom CB-Series Anchor is the custom version of our CB-Anchor system. It’s ideal for new construction and re-roofing projects, where there is direct access to roof decking and/or structural materials.


Key features: 

  • Designed to 2:1 safety factor or 5,000lbs 
  • Custom baseplates and posts heights 
  • Alternate materials available such as stainless steel or drop forged eyes

Meets your specific project requirements such as:

  • Material customizations
  • Powder coating to match the roof color
  • Custom anchor height to clear past insulation
  • Custom anchor hole spacing for unique beam connections
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Attachment methods include:

Cast in place, Bolt on, Clamp to standing seam metal roof, Welding to structural members, River to exposed metal deck, Saddle plate, Screw down to structural roof decking, Toggle bolt

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Custom Fall Arrest Anchors FAQs

Yes, we can provide complete submittal packages with PE Stamps in all 50 states.

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