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Choose from three horizontal lifeline systems: the Metal Energy Absorber, for easy installation without specialty tools or supervision; the checkline top fix  with pass-through, suited to retrofit installations; and the CB-Hybrid, combining pass-through and simple installation.

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Roof Checkline

Our checkline roof system attaches using toggles or standing seam clamps. The toggle version allows for the baseplate to be mounted on top of the finished roof which helps maintain the integrity of the roof system.
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Wall Checkline

Our wall mount checkline system uses the same trolley as our roof mount system, and often connects to the roof mount system via similar anchorages. The components of the lifeline remain the same throughout the product range.
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Overhead Checkline

Our overhead checkline system utilizes the same pass-through components as all our other Checkline systems, with the exception of a specialized overhead trolley allowing for the system to easily transverse intermediate anchors overhead.
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Hybrid Checkline

Our most popular system, suited to new builds as fall arrest anchors can be attached prior to roofing. Simply installed, with pass-through capabilities, it does require certified personnel to oversee/certify installation.
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Metal Energy Absorber

Metal Energy Absorber

Designed to be easily installed by contractors in the field without specialty tools or site supervision. Limited to a max span of 100’ with no pass-through capability; available in stainless and galvanized steel.

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Select Permanent Horizontal Lifeline
  • Pass thru capable
  • Requires on-site supervision to install
  • Stainless steel
  • Attachment through membrane/roofing materials
Select Permanent Horizontal Lifeline
  • Galvanized or stainless steel
  • Does not require on-site supervision to install
  • Does not require on-site supervision to install
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Permanent Horizontal Lifelines FAQs

Yes, we can provide complete submittal packages with PE Stamps in all 50 states.

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