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  • Guardian Introduces NEW Edge Protection Barrier System at World of Concrete 2024
Guardian Introduces NEW Edge Protection Barrier System at World of Concrete 2024

Guardian Introduces NEW Edge Protection Barrier System at World of Concrete 2024


Jan 23 2024

Global height safety leader Guardian is excited to introduce its new Edge Protection Barrier System program at this year’s World of Concrete being held in Las Vegas from Jan 23-25.  Designed as a superior alternative to conventional wood or cable barriers typically used to protect the exterior edge of buildings and interior voids during construction, Guardian’s Edge Protection Barrier System offers premium and durable safety solutions, comprehensive ease of use, and unprecedented reusability for construction perimeters and interior voids.

Kevin Fitzpatrick, Senior Product Manager for Systems and Anchors, comments “We looked at today’s commonly used solutions and identified an opportunity to improve the edge protection experience on a jobsite. Using the new Guardian Edge Protection Barrier System will bring more versatility than common alternatives and ultimately save money by being reusable.”

Key Features of Guardian’s Edge Protection Barrier System program include:

Easy Installation and Removal: Guardian Edge Protection Barrier System solutions are engineered with ease of use in mind, ensuring a hassle-free process from start to finish.  One person installation and removal using minimal, or no tools saves valuable time and resources. 

Versatile and Reusable: Guardian’s edge protection portfolio offers unmatched versatility, allowing you to adapt the protection needed to the project requirements. From multi-story construction perimeters to interior voids such as elevator shafts, our Edge Protection solutions adjust seamlessly to fit your needs as work progresses. Lightweight yet durable all-metal construction allows for easy transport and storage and delivers years of service within and across project sites.   

Custom Colors and and Logo: Enhance your project's visual presence with our edge protection customization service. Select your company’s color and add your logo to the Edge Protection barriers to turn a safety solution into a branding opportunity on all your construction projects.  

Project Planning and Logistics: Supported by industry leading end-to-end project management and support from Guardian’s expert Engineered Systems team, we streamline the process from design and quotation to product delivery and installation to ensure a seamless workflow.

Don Thompson, Director of Engineered Systems, says, "Guardian Engineered Services is dedicated to offering complete solutions tailored to the unique requirements of our height safety customers. The inclusion of Edge Protection Barrier Systems in our portfolio reinforces our dedication to providing integrated solutions that prioritize the safety of workers."  

To see and demo the new Guardian Edge Protection Barrier System, please visit us this week at World of Concrete, Central Hall, Booth C4449.  

For those not attending, and to learn more please view our informational flyer 

To obtain a quote or discuss Guardian Edge Protection Barrier System advantages firsthand, please contact your local Guardian sales representative https://guardianfall.com/support/find-your-local-rep


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