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  • Guardian's Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) Zone at A+A
Guardian's Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) Zone at A+A

Guardian's Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) Zone at A+A


Oct 24 2023

Guardian is excited to be exhibiting this week at  A+A (AplusA) – International Trade Fair and Congress in Düsseldorf, Germany. Guardian specialists are on hand to demonstrate the company’s global comprehensive range of Fall Protection, Dropped Object Prevention and Foreign Material Exclusion products as well as to discuss our expert services including Certified Training, Engineered Systems and end-to-end Customer Support.

Each day of the show we will spotlight a feature area of our stand.  Today’s spotlight is Guardian’s Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) Zone.


Guardian is proud to provide comprehensive, dependable and proven Foreign Material Exclusion solutions.  Our global FME range captures everything needed to prevent foreign material from entering a system, from barriers, covers and tethers, to tarps and fabrics. A+A highlights include:

  • FME Cabinets: Available in three colours (orange, pink and red), Guardian cabinets are sold both empty or pre-stocked with various sizes of FME covers, caps, plugs, zone tape and tarps designed to mitigate contamination in the most common applications.
  • FME Barriers & Covers: Barriers are installed on any equipment as a means to prevent entry of foreign material by physically blocking it. FME covers, magnetic sheets, plastic caps, and plugs are all commonly used FME barriers offered by Guardian. The variety of styles and sizes available allow coverage on almost any piece of vulnerable equipment around almost any work task.


Shelbi Bryant, Product Manager comments "Our Foreign Material Exclusion products round out Guardian’s 360 degree height safety solutions. We offer the unique ability to not only protect workers at height but also protect critical equipment that if damaged could cause potential harm of life and significant financial cost to a business.”

Guardian welcomes all attendees to visit us at Hall 1, Stand C39 to check out our FME Zone firsthand as well as to see how the company makes height safety simple through our unique 360-degree approach and commitment to innovative product and service solutions. For those not able to attend, please follow us on LinkedIn to learn more.


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