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Quick-install attachment points for wide a range of hand tools

COLD SHRINK ATTACHMENT, 1" BY 2" (10-Pack) - Guardian patented Cold-Shrink attachment points provide a simple and secure method of installing a permanent tether attachment point to any compatible tool from hammers and wrenches to pliers, pry-bars, or cutters. Cold-Shrink attachment points require no tools or tape for installation (on tools with abrupt ends), simply select the right size, slip over the tool, and pull the inner core free. The durable shrink tubing will collapse onto the tool, fixing it in place, ready for immediate use.

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  • Max Tool Weight: Up to 1 lb
  • Max Tether Length: 48"
  • Commonly used with: Hammer|Combo Wrench|Screwdriver|Pliers|Pry Bar
  • Fits Diameter: 0.39" to 0.63"
  • Dimensions before shrinking: 1" Dia x 2"
  • Quantity: 10-Pack
  • Requires no tools for installation


This product meets the following regional compliance standards

  • ANSI/ISEA 121-2018


This product is often used in the following industries

  • Construction
  • Utility
  • General Industry

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